Here’s an official announcement that I will no longer be maintaining this blog. ‘Official’ because the blog hasn’t seen an update in a long time. This is just the full stop that ends the sentence.

Blogging has been a valuable exercise for me. An exercise that started during my postdoc in St Louis, and continued through setting up and  establishing my own lab in St Andrews. I always intended it to be a series of notes to myself that I could make public for others to benefit from. This, from the first post in 2010:

I hope that this blog helps me to gather to one place many of the bits and pieces, both on- and off-line, that have helped me over the past couple of years.  I also hope that I get into the habit of updating it in a way that is useful when I need to find out how I tackled a particular problem in the past, or even when I simply need to find a web-site I know was previously useful to me.  If it proves to be useful to anyone else in the process, then that will be a marvelous outcome too.

There are still times when I google an SPM error, to find the top hit from my own blog on how I overcame it years before. Judging by the emails I also still receive about historic blog posts, I think the blog has served its purpose of being useful to others. Marvelous.

You’ll still find me on twitter: @akiraoc, and I’ll keep updating the various non-blog pages on this site. Here though, I’ll end with some posts that, for all sorts of different reasons, remain particularly important to me.

Thoughts on Platt’s Strong Inference article from 1964

A reflective post on how I learned to give better talks

Guidance for students on how to email your lecturers

Documenting how to stop participant attrition in online studies

Why the Martingale System for winning at roulette (or any game) doesn’t work

A guest post by Radka Jersakova on conducting online studies


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