Here’s a link to some pretty useful tweaks for getting the most speed possible out of a Windows Remote Desktop connection:


The end result isn’t too much faster than when using the default settings for a slow connection, but the difference is noticeable.

Multiple Connections to Computers behind a Router

This is for when you want to Remote Desktop into more than one computer sharing an internet connection through a router.


You’ll need to:
1) change to the default port designated for the Remote Desktop connection on each computer locally (default is 3389);
2) set up port-forwarding appropriately on your router;
3) make sure that whoever runs your ¬†networks allows external access not only to the default port for Remote Desktop on the IP address occupied by your router, but also to the additional ports you have specified on each additional target computer. ¬†This is a particularly important step if you’re doing this on a work connection external access to most ports is blocked by default.