We use cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience methods to research how we make the judgements about the contents of our memories. We are based in the School of Psychology, University of St Andrews, Scotland.


AkiraAkira O’Connor @akiraoc (PI) aro2@st-andrews.ac.uk

I am interested in how contextual information and our expectations help (and hinder) the judgements we make about our memories. My research employs laboratory, online and neuroscientific experiments. In my spare time I enjoy running – I am a member of Leven Las Vegas running club.



MagsMagali Sivakumaran @MagsPitt (BBSRC-funded PhD student) mhp9@st-andrews.ac.uk

I am currently interested in both the cognitive and neural processes which support our ability to distinguish between things which are new to us and things which aren’t. I hope to combine cognitive neuroscience and behavioural neuroscience to gain insights into the boundary between novelty and memory. Spare time? I commute!



BjornBjorn Persson @BjornPers (Department-funded PhD student) bmp3@st-andrews.ac.uk

My research revolves around the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying the separation of events in memory. The main question I’m interested in is whether time is a central component in this process, or if non-temporal cues can fill the same function. In my spare time I try to run and cook (although not simultaneously). I’m also an avid fan of coffee and ice hockey.



PhD Students: Benjamin Newman (2016-2019)

MRes Students: Josie Urquhart (ESRC-funded 1+3 Programme, 2015-2019)

MPhil Students: Irina Lucaciu (Bobby Jones Scholar, 2015-2016)



PhD Students: Ravi Mill (SINAPSE-funded PhD, 2011-2014; now a postdoc in the Cole Neuroscience Lab, Rutgers University)

Summer Interns: Mary Kempnich (URIP – 2014), Jessica Whyte (IBANS – 2013), Shevantika Nanda (2012), Une Kaunaite (IBANS – 2012), Rachael Millar (URIP, BPS – 2012)

Research Assistants: Jon Jachimowicz (2013), Radka Jersakova (2012)

Visiting Scholars: Suzannah Morson (University of Leeds, 2011) Suzanne de Bruijn (Utrecht University, 2012)