As time passes, I feel a growing unease with what I have previously written.  The further I am temporally from the moment of expression, the less connected to it I feel.  The more likely I am to wish the expression didn’t exist.

But, everything I write is an approximation of what I am trying to convey at that moment.  Sometimes it is a very good approximation.  Other times I get side-tracked by something peripheral and it misses the mark. Inevitably, my thoughts about what I was trying to convey will change, will mature or will be less keenly felt. The ever-growing sum of my thoughts makes expressions I work on for longer more cautious or more balanced.  It makes spontaneous expression more excited, more inflammatory. Purer? In that moment, at least.

None of this invalidates the expression, whenever it is revisited.

Sometimes it’s just harder to recognise the current self in the articulations of a former self.