I give all of my lectures and presentations using the cloud-based Prezi. Because of this, I have a subscription, which gives me access to the offline Prezi creator, Prezi Desktop. The major advantage of Prezi Desktop is that you can work on presentations without an internet connection and upload your presentations to the cloud later… In theory.

Upload to Prezi.com...
Upload to Prezi.com…

Last week I ran into an issues with Prezi Desktop where the ‘Upload to Prezi.com…’ menu function didn’t work. This is not what you want to happen the night before your lecture. Here was the problem as I described it to Prezi Support:

I cannot upload a prezi I have created in the desktop editor (2.84 MB in size). Sometimes it stops (hangs) at 10%, other times as high as 35%. Occasionally  (~20% of the time)  I get an error message about media, prompting me to strip out all embedded videos (less than ideal), but this still does not resolve the issue. The exact error I receive is:

There was some trouble uploading your content (Error: uploading_media_files)

A search of Prezi’s support data base yields this, which suggests that there’s something wrong with my firewall settings. I therefore tried it with firewall off and on, on different computers, on different ISPs. No luck.

Eventually Prezi support uploaded the file for me and also came through with the following nugget of advice.

…my suggestion for next time would be to name the pez file something very simple, with only letters and numbers.

The files I had been trying to upload were named PS2001_20122013_Lect1.pez, PS2001_20122013_Lect2.pez etc. As soon as I stripped them down to PS2001Lect1, PS2001Lect2 etc., upload worked just fine. This is a very annoying bug in the Prezi Desktop functionality that needs to be fixed, especially as this filename suggestion isn’t available on Prezi’s support forum.

To guarantee Prezi Desktop’s ‘Upload to Prezi.com…’ menu function, make your prezi filenames short and avoid non-alphanumeric characters e.g. _s, &s etc.

3 thoughts on “Fix Prezi Desktop’s ‘Upload to Prezi.com…’ Function

  1. I downloaded a .exe version of the prezi (for a non upgraded prezi), then all of the elements in my prezi on the cloud got deleted, I installed the trial version of prezi desktop. Is there a way to import the .exe file or the data?

    • Not as far as I’m aware. The Prezi Desktop application that comes with a subscription doesn’t allow it either. You might want to try the prezi support team – they may have a developer utility which allows this (though this is pure speculation on my part).

      Good luck!

  2. my file is present in prezi software dashboard but it takes a lot of time just showing loading file but unable to load the file ? kindly help me


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