Tomorrow morning I fly to SfN 2012 in New Orleans. There has been some turbulence in the immediate lead-up to it – an unscheduled flight to Ireland putting back my departure by a couple of days and a trip to A&E with anaphylaxis being the major ones- but nonetheless, the tripĀ is happening.

This is a pretty big deal for me and for the lab. It’s the first major presentation of data we have collected independently of more senior PIs (and they’re not bad-looking data). It’s also only the second time I will have presented at this particular conference, which can be a tad overwhelming. This could be the start of something good.


Of course, there’s also some more social fun planned. I’m looking forward to the #SfN12 #tweetup (Monday night), when I’ll be putting some real-life personalities to some online ones, and the Scottish Neuroscience Group drinks (Tuesday). I’m not anticipating any more storms, other than the odd hurricane, rum and all.

One thought on “Conference time

  1. Hi Akira,

    Was great to meet you at the Tweet-up! Sorry we didn’t manage to get together again afterwards… Hope your poster (or was it an oral session?) went well and you enjoyed the rest of SFN.

    My first day back at work today after SFN and a bit of a holiday afterwards… Still a bit jet-lagged and bleary…



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