Things I have (re-)learned this week:
– Conducting resting connectivity analyses on 60mins worth of 2s TR fMRI data from 19 participants takes time;
– It is always a good idea to do a quick literature search before proclaiming any findings as Earth-shattering.

The first point is no surprise; especially when I consider that the previous resting analyses I have done have all been conducted on approx. 12 min worth of 2.2s TR fMRI data.

The second point helped to temper my initial enthusiasm for some pretty interesting initial findings, which I won’t explain just yet (that will come in pt. 3). ¬†Suffice to say, an article headed by Damien Fair published in NeuroImage that we had read for a lab meeting back in 2008 had already considered quite comprehensively whether on-task fMRI scans could be used to inform fcMRI analyses.

I’m now in the process of trying to replicate Fair et al’s on-task connectivity analyses which examines the residuals following on-task model fitting (once again necessitating that I employ the SPM residuals tweak outlined here), which should give me two different sorts of on-task connectivity analyses to compare to a standard resting connectivity analysis in pt. 3.

Stay tuned.

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