I am a postdoctoral cognitive neuroscientist / experimental psychologist working in the Psychology department at Washington University in St. Louis.

I have been here close to two years and my training has involved learning an awful lot of ‘stuff’ to be able to conduct the sort of research that I came here to do – behavioural (i.e. computerised experiments) and neuroscientific (in my case, fMRI) study of memory decision-making.  Whether I’ve been pointed in the right direction (as is almost always the case) or have had to work things out from scratch, the internet has been my best-friend, helping me find resources and decipher much of the necessary technicality that pervades the field of psychology.

I hope that this blog helps me to gather to one place many of the bits and pieces, both on- and off-line, that have helped me over the past couple of years.  I also hope that I get into the habit of updating it in a way that is useful when I need to find out how I tackled a particular problem in the past, or even when I simply need to find a web-site I know was previously useful to me.  If it proves to be useful to anyone else in the process, then that will be a marvelous outcome too.

There will be a lot added to the blog over the coming months and weeks as I get it to resemble the sort of thing I have in mind at the moment.  I hope it turns out to be useful.

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